February 25, 2010

woody allen

I want to be a woman and live in the world of a woody allen movie:

February 24, 2010


Alright, so I've been really bad about updating this. Here's what's going on:

First of all, my internship is over. It was so amazing, and I'm so happy I was able to participate. But now I am just another American twenty-something caught up in the job hunt. How exciting.

But here's how I've been occupying my time rather than updating my blog:

I am now 23. (the photo however is from my second birthday.)

I can't stop eating these (Asian Pears! Yummmmm)

I miss my Anthropologie discount, but not so much the job itself.

I couldn't love my apartment anymore. The poster is the newest addition, and the tulips were a lovely valentine's day surprise.

February 12, 2010

love them oxfords

This article has some great pictures of my favorite fashion trends of the moment. I have a pair of oxfords that never leave my feet, and I LOVE them!!

Love them Oxfords!