January 7, 2011

it's not you, it's me...

I think I'm giving up on this blog. Maybe sometime in the distant future I'll get the urge to revamp it and post crazy amounts of super cool shit on it, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the Tumblr platform more. Here's the link to my Tumblr

Does anyone else have a Tumblr? If so, send me your link!

November 7, 2010

Could it be?

I'm not afraid to admit it... I'm not a fan of Anne Hathaway. However, I will say that I somehow stumbled upon this photo of her and thought it was just beautiful.

As I am reflecting on her, and see her photo under the header "Belle Laide," it dawns on me. I realize that the reason I don't find her particularly attractive is because she doesn't have any flaws. I don't mean to say that she is "flawless" in the typical sense of the word, but there isn't anything about her that I find intriguing. She is just very ordinary to me. There isn't anything in her personality or appearance that draws me in and makes me want to know more about her. The reason I started this blog was to comment on people and the things in life that aren't necessarily beautiful by definition, but have flaws and quirks that actually make them beautiful and relatable. Obviously, I don't know her and perhaps if I did my perception of her would change, and I would find a genuine personality in there. But for the time being, I can't change the way I feel about her.

Oddly enough, the reason I decided to make this post was to comment on how much I like this picture of her, and give her props rather than rag on her like I usually do, but oh well. I guess I know now that just because she is able to take a beautiful picture doesn't mean that I will be hopping on the Anne Hathaway Bandwagon anytime soon.

You can check out the other photos from the November issue of Vogue here.

October 15, 2010

15 Movies

My Dad tagged me in one of these silly chain letters, but since it's for movies I figured I'd go for it. Fill it out for yourself if you want (and let me know if you do, so I can see your results!)

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen movies you've seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes.

01. The Graduate
02. The Sandlot
03. Breakfast at Tiffany's
04. To Catch a Thief
05. Dirty Dancing
06. Risky Business
07. 500 Days of Summer
08. Roman Holiday
09. Breathless
10. Amelie
11. When Harry Met Sally
12. Annie Hall
13. Fight Club
14. 10 Things I Hate About You
15. High Fidelity

I suppose as a film major, I'm a little disappointed in myself that these aren't "better" movies. But you know what, they're my picks so judge away...

new new new!

So I have a new header. Not sure what I think yet. It might stick around, but it might disappear. We shall see.

October 11, 2010


This is so much more inspiring. Maybe it will result in me actually updating this more often. Only time will tell...


As if there were any doubts that I would adore this...

September 20, 2010

This was the best part of The American...

Yes. The poster was the best part.