July 5, 2009

reason #1 I love craig's list

When I get bored, and people aren't updating their blogs (ahh-hem!) I sometimes stumble onto craig's list and read the missed connections for the mall I work at. There are always a ton at the 24hr fitness (which is in our mall - yes, very weird), and the posts are usually men seeking other men. This one is truly exceptional:

Went to the locker room at 24hr to pee, set my drink down on a bench on my way to the urinal... when I finished and went back to get my drink, you were their changing. As I bent down to grab my cup U dropped your towl and my face was eye level with your swinging cock & only about 2 feet away.

Beautiful cock bro, great build & handsome facen too! We were both a little caught off guard as I paused, looked up and checked out your perfect dick, shaved nuts & built bod. I wish I would have at least said hi. Anyway, if you happen to read this & wanna meet up just let me know. Could use a buddy to workout with.

Is it the typos (towl, facen), the detailed sequence of events, or simply the phrase "beautiful cock bro" that are responsible for making this the best craig's list missed connection ever? Who knows, but I am still jealous that it only seems to be gay guys who meet people at the gym. However, the last line leaves me slightly perplexed. Because our friend says, "Could use a buddy to workout with," I'm left wondering if the man responsible for the post is gay, or if he was merely admiring the "perfect dick, shaved nuts & built bod" of what will hopefully be his future gym buddy? I hope not. Call me a romantic, but I want these two to finish what they started! Hopefully the stars will align and these two will be able to find each other again! (Sidenote: I totally think the guy who "dropped" his towel right when the other guy's face was all up in his crotch totally did it on purpose. Thoughts?)

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  1. he totally dropped it on purpose, those people at 24 hour fitness are very loose