May 17, 2010

Its a Mad Mad World

Pardon my absence recently, but it's because I have been too busy drinking the Kool-Aid. Or at least, the TV Kool-Aid. I hoped on the bandwagon and decided to start watching AMC's Mad Men, and boy oh boy am I hooked!

Granted I wasn't alive in the 60's, but this show certainly makes me wish I were. Everything from the cars, to the furniture, to the hair is perfect! I can't believe how polished the show is. It appears that no detail has been overlooked, which I'm sure is nearly impossible to do in a period piece of this magnitude.

Not only are the sets and wardrobes immaculate, the acting is INCREDIBLE! Jon Hamm plays Don Draper with such poise and confidence while hiding such a complex past. I applaud the casting director that found him. Wow. Clearly I'm obsessed!

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