February 4, 2009

The City

Who wouldn't want to watch a show about young, fashionable, and beautiful people cavorting around NYC? I never really watched The Hills because I don't think Lauren Conrad is very intelligent, and frankly don't really care about her; but when I heard Whitney Port was getting her own spin-off I was curious. When I did occasionally watch The Hills, Whitney was far and away my favorite character, but Whitney never really struck me as someone who could carry a show (she was good as the "office friend.") But never-the-less I remained hopeful. By the time The City started she already had a dream job working for Diane Von Furstenberg in New York, and a beautiful boy to boot. How could this show not be good?

So far I've watched every episode, and frankly I'm starting to lose interest. Yes her boyfriend is beautiful, and yes she has amazing fashion, but when MTV has to base an entire episode on the drama of someone telling a model she's too skinny, forgive me for changing the channel. I don't know how the show can be made more interesting. Maybe get rid of Olivia's cousin, and have MTV find her a millionaire boyfriend that she can boss around? So far she seems to be the only one with a definitive personality. I really really want this show to be good. I think Whitney is adorable, and god knows I love DVF, but please MTV we need some drama!

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